List of quotes from my adventures on Wikia and IRC.

n7 could fap to a piece of carpet
Godisme on n7

Godisme is a cow

I need names.
MarkVA when on the hunt
for some spammers

Tgabjs ni ciat gacjs

♪ to penis ♫ ♪ or not to penis ♫ ♪ that is the penis ♫ ♪ penis ♫

<an_styg> HEY I JUST MET YOU

<an_styg> BUT I AM A WIKI

<an_styg> SO EDIT ME MAYBE
— Stygma

[12:24 am] <@Pound_Cake> Let's all just take am inute

[12:24 am] <@Pound_Cake> *a minute
[12:24 am] <@Pound_Cake> And imagine what a vandal does when he vandalises
[12:24 am] <@Pound_Cake> Just imagine
[12:24 am] <@Pound_Cake> A spotty, fat dude at a computer
[12:24 am] <@Pound_Cake> Highlighting the source
[12:24 am] <@Pound_Cake> And then deleting it
[12:25 am] <@Pound_Cake> And typing in some random shit
[12:25 am] <+iggle_g> vandals are big macho guys obv
[12:25 am] <@Pound_Cake> All probably without any expression
[12:25 am] <@Pound_Cake> Oh shit my bad
[12:25 am] <@Pound_Cake> Sorry
[12:25 am] <@Pound_Cake> Lemme start again
[12:25 am] <@Pound_Cake> Imagine a muscular alphamale
[12:25 am] <@Pound_Cake> With a huge penis
[12:25 am] <@Pound_Cake> Just sitting there, typing away furiously
[12:25 am] <@Pound_Cake> At the speed of light
[12:25 am] <@Pound_Cake> Using his dick as a 11th finger
[12:26 am] <@Pound_Cake> To help type
[12:26 am] <@Pound_Cake> Sweat dripping down
[12:26 am] <@Pound_Cake> From the intensity of this vandalism
[12:26 am] <@Pound_Cake> Watch his expression as he typed the word "faggot" on the page

[12:26 am] <@Pound_Cake> A quick, sly and snarky smirk
Callofduty4 describing a Vandal

Supreme Elite League of Toxic Mega Cunts and Asshole-related Affiliates
giggle naming our guild

I wonder what stephen hawking's facial expression is like when he cums
Madness in a philosophical mood

[02:36 pm] <Djiir>

[02:36 pm] <Djiir> This image shall go on every wiki!
[02:36 pm] <Djiir> Regret it and give me your account or face your destruction!
[02:38:46:pm] - Mode #wikia-vstf +o kat by ChanServ

[02:38:53:pm] - Djiir was booted from #wikia-vstf by YOU (Djiir)
— Random IRC troll

[01:50:51am] <@almalexia> also that's like my worst nightmare

[01:50:55am] <@almalexia> midway through a dump
[01:51:04am] <@almalexia> and some guy crashes down the door ready to fight to the death
[01:51:22am] <@almalexia> like, how inconvenient is that
[01:51:33am] _808_ So sad
[01:51:38am] _808_ I just wanted ta poop
[01:51:44am] <@almalexia> specially if you're reading a book or something
[01:52:40am] <@almalexia> boom fucking dude trying to kill you, you're dicks hanging out, there's definitely shit still coming out so even if you do kick his ass you'll still be embarrassed
[01:52:55am] <@almalexia> you really just don't win in that situation
[01:54:53am] <@almalexia> plus you're already at a disadvantage because your pants are around your ankles
[01:57:09am] _808_ Worst death ever
[01:58:27am] <@almalexia> definitely

[01:59:12am] <@almalexia> and if your attacker kills you, there you are laying on the floor of your bathroom, covered in shit, with your cock exposed to the cops who will probably find you.

kat on his worst nightmare

[22:25:12] <almalexia> fml
[22:25:31] <almalexia> I'm probably the only person in northern canada
[22:25:36] <almalexia> who drinks an iced frappachino when its -20 outside
[22:25:37] <almalexia> bunch of hill billies
[22:28:04] <N7> hipster
[22:28:12] <abigstupidjellyf> lol
[22:28:20] <abigstupidjellyf> that should be a tv show
[22:28:28] <abigstupidjellyf> "The Canadian Hill Billies"
[22:28:40] <ecks> featuring kat
[22:28:41] <almalexia> that would be interesting
[22:28:43] <abigstupidjellyf> lol
[22:28:45] <almalexia> they all hate native americans
[22:28:47] <ecks> and his sister
[22:28:52] <almalexia> and i'm like native american
[22:28:54] <abigstupidjellyf> lol
[22:28:57] <almalexia> fuck ecks i'll kill you
[22:29:02] <ecks> come at me
[22:29:07] <almalexia> I'LL FUCKIN DROWN YOU IN MAPLE SYRUP M8
[22:29:22] <almalexia> DON'T FUCK WITH ME I'M HIGH STRUNG
[22:29:40] <abigstupidjellyf> lolololol
[22:29:58] <ecks> i'll fuck with your sister instead
[22:29:59] <ecks> (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
[22:30:09] <abigstupidjellyf> lmfao
[22:30:28] <almalexia> holy shit
[22:30:43] <almalexia> that should go on bash
[22:30:45] <almalexia> 10/10
[22:30:47] <abigstupidjellyf> h/t 0-0

[22:30:58] <almalexia> also ecks your a slimy dirty shit

— A normal day in ##masseffect

[19:19:39pm] <almalexia> nah i have a normal brit accent pegged down saint_jiub

[19:19:46pm] <almalexia> i sound like simon pegg
[19:20:14pm] <almalexia> plus i know what you guys all use in your speech mannerisms
[19:20:20pm] <almalexia> and all your slang
[19:20:37pm] <almalexia> nobody will know I'm a tourist
[19:20:55pm] <almalexia> NOBODY
[19:20:57pm] <saint_jiub> i'm interested now
[19:20:57pm] <N7> no we can spot a colonist a mile off
[19:20:58pm] <almalexia> except n7
[19:21:12pm] <almalexia> oh please n7
[19:21:16pm] <almalexia> I'll fit right in
[19:21:19pm] <almalexia> well i wont
[19:21:20pm] <almalexia> fuck
[19:21:26pm] <almalexia> I'm TOO TALL
[19:21:31pm] <almalexia> NOOOO
[19:22:17pm] <N7> too clean
[19:22:22pm] <N7> also not a chimney sweep
[19:22:25pm] <N7> also not cockney voice
[19:22:28pm] <N7> also no top hat
[19:22:38pm] <saint_jiub> you need to look like the monopoly man.
[19:22:49pm] <N7> and talk like oliver twist
[19:22:55pm] <almalexia> u wot

[19:23:00pm] <N7> better

— High quality banter on ##masseffect

[19:04:25pm] <ecks> i fckog hate akcogl.

[19:11:44pm] <ecks> im gon a sleep
[19:11:46pm] <ecks> godght

— drunk ecks is best ecks

[05:59pm] <Elune> hermaeus_mora is the wattson to fetus' sherlock holmes

[05:59pm] <Elune> amirite fetus
[05:59pm] <hermaeus_mora> im ok with this
[05:59pm] <fetus> lol
[06:02pm] <fetus> hermaeus_mora: this is us

— Sherlock Fetus and Doctor Kat Watson

[02:47am] <Elune> I am your wombfort fetus
[02:48am] <hermaeus_mora> hot
[02:48am] <hermaeus_mora> can i have some pictures of this so called wombfort
[02:48am] < ecks > ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[02:49am] <hermaeus_mora > ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[02:49am] < fetus> ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

— yes
— yes

[07:11:35am] N7 (~N7@wikia/N7) has joined ##masseffect
[07:11:35am] Mode ##masseffect +v N7 by ChanServ
[07:27:57am] <goldberry> sup n7

[07:28:03am] <goldberry> sniff any panties today

— Quote author